Transradial Intervention

The transradial technique is an effective, minimally invasive approach to perform coronary and peripheral angiograms and interventions

Transradial intervention (TRI) is a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedure done using the hand (wrist). In TRI, a catheter is inserted via the radial artery in the wrist to deliver stents to narrowed or occluded blood vessels such as coronary arteries. Dr. Sengottuvelu is a pioneer of radial approach in India. He was one of the earliest to adapt this approach in 2003. This patient friendly approach facilitates less pain, less bleeding and early discharge.

Conversely, catheters may be introduced via transfemoral intervention (TFI), that is, through an artery in the upper leg. Such TFI procedures were once the standard for this type of treatment. Continued development of balloon catheters and stents, however, has enabled access through the smaller vessels in the wrist, or TRI. And, compared to TFI, transradial intervention seems to place less mental, physical, and economic burden on patients, which has led to this procedure becoming the new standard.

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